Top 5 Best Quiet Keyboards for Gaming USA 2022

Most of the gaming boards can be very clicky and tactile. That audible, solid click can be a part of appeal and attraction for many. But for others, hearing that click, especially through a microphone can be very distracting, and at times, very annoying. Luckily, if you fall under the second category, and looking for silent keyboards, you have a lot of different options.

There are different types of gaming keyboards available in the market. Most of the mechanical keyboards are very fast, responsive, and are more than suitable for gaming. They are usually very loud, and can be pleasing for some, and annoying for others. On the other hand, membrane keyboards are softer, quieter, and can also give you a decent gaming experience. You can also check other soundproofing option to get way better experience.

“Quiet” is not the best word to use when it comes to keyboards, especially those designed for gaming. Keyboard can’t be completely silent. Even the best of dampened membrane keyboards produce some soft, bearable sound. In this write-up, we are reviewing the top 5 Best Quiet Keyboards for Gaming [( yea! yea! quiet is not a best word to use ;)] that are considerably quiet, non-disruptive, and can give you excellent speed, responsiveness, and customization. Let’s talk in detail about them.

Logitech Orion Spectrum G810

Logitech Orion Spectrum G810 Buy at Amazon

The ultra-responsive Romer-G mechanical key switches is one of the best features of Orion Spectrum G810 from Logitech. The keyboard gives you 25 percent faster key actuation than most of the other regular mechanical ones. It means you get an excellent, competitive edge while gaming.

The high-performing keyboard works quietly thanks to the high-quality, well-designed mechanical switches. In addition to being superbly quiet and responsive, the key switches are also designed with fingerprint-masking matte texture.

The keyboard also gives you excellent control, as you can easily program macros if you want to customize the function keys. You can also adjust the keyboard and customize the lighting from a dull keyboard to an attractive, colorful keyboard full of limitless colors. What more? You can also disable certain keys if you want, especially in Game Mode and select from more than 300 pre-loaded game profiles to fully enjoy your favorite games, hence making to the top in our Best Quiet Keyboards for Gaming list.


  • High-performing, yet very quiet keyboard
  • More than 300 pre-loaded game profiles
  • Adjustable media
  • Customizable key lighting


  • USB port and mic port missing
  • Slightly overweight


CORSAIR Strafe RGB MX Buy at Amazon

If you are a seasoned gamer, you are going to love this keyboard. The keyboard from CORSAIR is known for it’s quiet use and excellent functionality. Thanks to the linear action powered by Cherry MX Red mechanical key switch technology, you can use this keyboard very effectively in quiet environments. And we promise that you will find this one a lot quieter than most of the other Best Quiet Keyboards for Gaming from our list and by far the best you have ever used.

The keys are designed to give you an excellent feel and grip through textured and contoured keycaps. The keys are not only quiet, but are very responsive without much force from the fingers, and give you the much-needed edge for competitive gaming. The gaming-grade circuity of the keyboard ensures excellent input speed while typing as well as gaming.

In addition, the backlit keys make it very easy to use the keyboard even at night without disturbing your family or roommate. You also have the option of adjusting your keyboards according to your preferences and uses.


  • Adjustable backlighting
  • Programmable keys
  • Easy to connect wirelessly as well as through a USB
  • Easy to use even at night


  • No wrist pad
  • Not compatible for Linux

Razer BlackWidow Elite

Razer BlackWidow Elite Buy at Amazon

This quiet keyboard for gaming from Razer is superbly fast and responsive thanks to the high-level mechanical switches. It’s not among the quietest keyboards, but surely performs decently without creating disturbing sounds. The anti-ghosting technology ensures surprisingly quick gameplay, registering up to 10 commands at a time.

You can easily customize the keys according to your gaming preferences. The Razer Synapse allows you to easily program the backlit keys with a wide range of color options, with five extra buttons for gaming.

If you are interested in the orange model, the Razer orange mechanical switches provide keys with a silent and tactile quality. This allows you to play peacefully without compromising on the command quality and responsiveness. The gaming keys in particular are very smooth, sturdy, and don’t make a lot of noise.

In addition to being decently quiet and responsive, the ergonomic design of the keyboard makes gaming even more comfortable. There is also an in-built wrist pad which allows you to position your hands in the most comfortable position.


  • High-level mechanical switches
  • Powered by anti-ghosting technology
  • Easily customizable
  • Five extra gaming buttons


  • Slightly expensive from features point of view
  • Cable management is not up to the mark

SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB

SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB Buy at Amazon

SteelSeries Apex M75O RGB is packed with quiet, powerful third generation mechanical switches with linear actuation.

You get a very quiet, seamless gaming experience thanks to excellent performance. The anti-ghosting technology ensures brilliant accuracy of keystrokes. In addition to a decent, comfortable sound level, the keyboard is also great for overall gameplay thanks to its personalization. You can customize the key backlighting according to your gaming preferences.

This powerful quiet keyboard for gaming uses high-end illumination to provide accurate notification related to gaming events. It also alerts you about chat notifications.

Long-lasting and highly strong aluminium metal-alloy frame is another excellent feature of this keyboard. The keyboard doesn’t only look sturdy and hard, it also looks very appealing thanks to the matte finish provided by the manufacturers.


  • Excellent, sturdy design
  • High-end gaming performance
  • More than suitable for quiet, yet powerful gaming
  • Accurate notification


  • Slightly bulky due to aluminum body
  • Not very good for typing


CORSAIR K68 Buy at Amazon

If you are in search of an affordable, yet durable quiet keyboard for gaming, here is a great option for you. The Corsair K68 is one of the most affordable, yet highly responsive and quiet gaming keyboards available in the market. The keyboard comes in two different variants i.e. standard and dust and spill resistant. The latter allows you to enjoy your game thoroughly even with the spills.

Thanks to the Cherry MX red mechanical keys, the keyboard offers quiet, and at the same time, responsive and competitive gaming experience. As the keyboard is powered by anti-ghosting technology, you get decent accuracy.

You can also customize the keyboard according to what you are looking for while gaming. The Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) is there for lighting customization and high-level macro programming.

Using this keyboard means you won’t have to compromise with the overall gaming speed. Thanks to the Windows key lock mode, the keyboard easily prevents the wrong key press, and also offers great control for audio and multimedia.


  • One of the most affordable quiet gaming keyboards
  • Very good for customization as well as macro programming
  • Available in both standard and dust and spill repellent varieties


  • Available in both standard and dust and spill repellent varieties
  • Wrist-rest is not very comfortable

Final Verdict

That’s all about our review on the best quiet gaming keyboard available in the market. All of these keyboards we have mentioned are excellent from one way or another. They are packed with some extraordinary features and are designed to make your gaming experience smooth, quiet, and very, very responsive. Now, it’s more about your preferences, how much noise you can bear while gaming, and more importantly, what’s your budget. We promise that you won’t regret it after buying any of them!

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