best way to take Ativan?

Been told lo dissolve in mouth, but pharmacist says to take normally. Anyone heard of this?

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  • I take Ativan 3 times a day for Essential Tremors. Just swallow it like you would any other pill. It will dissolve on its own. I’ve never heard of letting it dissolve in your mouth first. Some times the Dr will tell you to put Xanax under your tongue for panic attacks because it works faster that way but never Ativan. I don’t know why you take Ativan, if it is for panic attacks the Dr may tell you to dissolve in your mouth under your tongue but they usually use Xanax for that.

  • Best Way To Take Ativan

  • The dissolve in mouth thing is a quicker way to get it into your system,so they say…..either way it dissolves pretty quickly anyway,its not like they are a big horse pill.

    I personally think it is a pill poppers preference to eat them,or dissolve them,because we are after instant gratification.

    If I was having a panic attack i would eat them.(if you have panic attacks) if you do suffer from panic attacks clonipin is actually better.

    Same family……more of a situational rapid release.

  • Stick it under your tongue and let it dissolve. It’s supposed to work a little bit faster. Probably wont taste good, if you had Klonopin (another benzo) that would taste like candy.

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