bethany mota weight gain?

okay guys, i am in no way hating or judging beth, im a huge fan of her and love her regardless of her body! but im just curious to know if anyone else has noticed some weight gain in her? here are two pictures, tell me what you think

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  • Hey!😊 I’m also a pretty big fan of bethany. I’m gonna be honest, I thought my friend and I were the only ones who noticed! Bethany looks like she gained at least 8-10 pounds ever since dancing with the stars😕 not hating but I’ve definatly noticed as well

  • Bethany Mota Weight

  • It’s all muscle, she danced a lot, usually dancers gain a lot of muscle which people mistake for fat but it’s muscle. Same thing happened to me but it’s not fat, I was worried when I noticed that I gained weight but it was just muscle, same thing is happening to Bethany

  • I love bethany so much and her new clothing line but when she did it she was really getting heavy in the pics she took with people

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  • Yeah, she’s a fat *****. She’s ugly too. I thought she was pretty when she was skinny but not anymore. She thinks she’s all that and she isn’t just because all of her stupid subscribers lie to her and tell her that she’s pretty. She’s ugly as sin.

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