Birthday gift for a history buff?

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, and I’m a terrible gift giver. He likes history, documentaries, trivia, etc. Any ideas for something unique? 

6 Answers

  • How about a globe 

  • Hmmm….  What kind of history does he like? One of my brothers is interested in history,  mostly- local history (where he was born). I found some great history Etsy stores that deal with maps. You may be able to find replica maps mounted in a frame, etc (or just order the map and have it framed yourself).  I’m attaching one link just to give you an idea :…

    You can also enter in historical gifts in the search box on the Etsy homepage for more ideas. 

  • Johnnie Walker Blue 50 historical year blended Scotch.

  • Box sets of history documentaries,  Trivia quiz books, maybe a trip to an historic site? 

  • those also sound like absolute terrible gifts… there are no gifts for history “buffs” lol how boring… just get him food. 

  • Try to find a bag of wheat that Bob Geldof donated to Africa years ago.

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