Blood test at gynecologist?

so I have been having issues with my menstrual cycle and I got a bunch of tests done at my Gynecologist. I had thorough testing done. I had a PAP smear and ultrasound as well as a urine test and two blood tests: one for hormone levels and the other a general one. Wondering if all STDs show up on a blood test? HIV, HPV, Herpes etc? They told me they would have results in 24 hours and if anything is wrong they will call. Hoping they’re testing for everything?!

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  • Did you actually ask for an STD test? If not, your blood won’t be tested for any STDs.

    Also, chlamydia and gonorrhea are detected through a swab or urine sample, not a blood test.

  • Gynecologist Blood Test

  • Depends, you have to ask what’s covered in those blood tests. HIV for sure is covered. HPV will be tested from your pap. Herpes, NEVER, most reasonable doctors discourage that one. Herpes is very very common, there are many many types of it, so that test is very unreliable, upwards of 90% of people will test positive for it. But most people will never experience any symptoms or infect anyone. The only way to know is if you have an actual outbreak, that’s really the only type of herpes people care to know about. Certain other STD’s require special swabs, so you need to be specific about what you want to be tested for. Hope I helped.

  • No, most STD’s are not diagnosed with a blood test.

    Only hepatitis, HIV and syphilis are tested for through blood.

    Chlamydia is tested for with a swab or urine, generally a swab for women and a urine test for men.

    HPV is diagnosed through the pap smear. The pap smear does NOT check for any other STD’s.

    Herpes is not routinely checked for unless you have symptoms.

    The rest (trichomoniasis, gonorrhoea etc) are tested for with swabs.

    I hope you have learnt not to just assume and actually ask for them to test you for STD’s…

  • If they took a lot of tubes of blood they will be testing for all of those diseases that is tested through blood and chlamydia and other thing are tested through urine and other stds are tested through the pap smear so they probably tested for everything

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