BMW X3… nice car?

Any thoughts… advice… opinion. I would be getting the base model, new.

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  • Since everything made in Europe is a VW, you might as well save some dough and buy a VW. The more expensive VW’s with different brand names and logos just are not worth the money in comparison. They are all still mass produced cars when it comes down to it. 

  • GOOD CHOICE! Check out the AUDI q3 and q5 as well! QUATTRO is UNBEATABLE and the BMW and AUDI are like SISTERS using the nearly EXACT same suppliers for BRAKES STEERING TRANNIES and MORE! I feel that the AUDI is a BETTER BUY, however! THey BOTH use nearly IDENTICAL valve technology, ATE GIRLING brakes and ZF trannies and steering! The SOUND system in the AUDI is BETTER I think and I am a PERFECTION IST at heart/ USED BMWS are even BETTER and CHEAPER< too! They feature TWIN TURBO fours and TWIN TURBO straight sixes! GREAT choices! Did I mention that if you use PENNZOIL ULTRA EURO OIL every time, they will EXTEND the warranty out to 500,000 MILES!  NOTHIGN is BETTER THAN THAT! PENNZOIL ULTRA is made from NATURAL GAS and keeps the engiens CLEAN inside and COOLEr as well weith NO friction at 35 BELOW ZERo starts

    ps! NO ENGINE WEAR! 

  • Hope you have a fat wallet.  An oil change is about $500.  And please get an insurance quote before buying. Good luck.

  • Put on your big-boy trousers, get over your social anxiety, go to a dealer and test drive one, then make your own adult decision. In the mean time, you can find dozens of reviews on the internet by doing a simple keyword search. It’s not exactly rockey science.

  • Compared to what other vehicle(s)?

    Any vehicle can be ‘nice’ until you compare it another vehicle.

  • 1/2 the price and just as much car compared to the X3 base model.…

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