Body systems graphic organizer answer key

Name: Body Systems Graphic Organizer spinal cord protect issues a protect tissues 15 functions to pituitary gland Nervous Integumentary sweat glands 4 Endocrine Skeletals OVaNTS ovaries Reproductive Body Systems ligaments 14 L functions support which create Muscular in 3 sperm Circulatory Respiratory functións in muscles uses breaks down transport esophagus kidney wastes bring removed as (10. oxygen to into absorbed urine to pump Word Bank: bones | urinary I testes I digestive I regulate temperature I lungs I heart | food I hormones I movement I skin | bladder blood I brain |


  1. Brain
  2. regulate temperature
  3. skin
  4. bones
  5. movement
  6. urinary
  7. bladder
  8. blood
  9. lungs
  10. heart
  11. food
  12. stomach
  13. digestive
  14. testes
  15. hormones

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