By 2043 whites will be the minority, anyone afraid?

It’s estimated that by 2043, white people will no longer be a majority of the country. Doesn’t that frighten you? White deaths now outnumber white births.

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  • Well, just look at all the African nations with a black majority. Are they run effectively?

  • No. The real danger is that if Trump is successful in keeping Mexican farm workers out of the U.S., then the amount of food available to whites will drop immediately. If there isn’t any food to eat, then everyone will starve to death within months. It won’t take until 2043.

  • The only reason to be afraid would be because you think you will be treated as a minority the same way you treated minorities.

  • I think it might be a lot sooner than that. The county where I live in California is already only 35% white. Why is a white majority so important anyway?

    Riddle me this: How can conservatives deny ‘white privilege’ exist while at the same time they’re fighting so hard to protect it?

  • They’re already a minority. Don’t believe the census.

  • Nowadays white people marry later and have children later. Countries that are less developed such as Africa; South Asia have more kids and marry in their teens

  • No. I already live in a city where white people are a minority. It doesn’t make any difference. What is it that you’re afraid of- that brown people will treat whites the way whites have treated browns? Karma is a *****, isn’t it?

  • Ask me again in 25 years

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