Bypass Ceiling Fan Capacitor?

Is it safe to bypass a ceiling fan capacitor? It exploded and I am unable to buy a new one at the moment. Also, how would I bypass it? I'm not sure which wires are the output from the capacitor.

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  • Well, power does not flow through the capacitor. It works like a battery and takes and adds power to the circuit. If you want to remove it, then you need to just take it out and cap the wires. If you remove it and connect the wires, then you will have a dead short and may ruin the fan.

    Take it out, cap the wires, and see if the fan will still work. If not, leave it and don't use it until you can get a new capacitor. Personally, I would not run it without the capacitor, they are there for a reason.

  • Ceiling Fan Capacitor

  • The capacitor enables the fan to start and also keeps it running. If you can possibly get it to run, it will burn up soon!

  • I Suggest to tell you it is enables to run the fan, suppose if we start to run the fan...While using the capacitor,It will automatically burn up soon..............

  • remove one of capacitor wire, will work to confirm before purchase

  • no its not safe the fan would sit there hum and burn up replace the capacitor or the fan

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