C43 vs E300 vs GLC 43?

Looking for my daily driver to work(10min away). We are a family of 4 (2 kids 11& 8).

 I can’t decide between the luxurious 2018 E300, sporty C43(same price as E). Or the GLC C43(10K more than others). 

I love the AMG Diamond Grill and wheels. The AMG interior is a step up from standard C/GLC interior.  

The E300 exterior is classy but the interior is amazing. I don’t know if it would look silly with a diamond grill if it’s not an AMG trim though. 

Looking for used models with low mileage. Should I go for E300 or spend extra 10K on GLC 43. 

I’ve made past mistake of getting a vehicle that looked awesome outside but the interior was boring.  

Also wanted to know which is the most reliable?

3 Answers

  • Get a Lexus if you want reliability.

  • So you’re thinking of buying an expensive Mercedes, and think that the best place to ask for advice is on a public forum full of bored teenagers?

    Yeah, right.

  • I suggest you test-drive each vehicle first.

    The C-Class can be a bit tight in the rear seat, especially when the front seats are pushed all the way back.  If your kids hit a big growth spurt, this may become an issue.

    The turbocharged I4 found in the 300 is decent enough for power but is quite tame in comparison to the twin turbocharged V6 engine found in the 43’s.  

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