Caffeine Pills?

Where can I buy caffeine pills like Stay Awake and No Doz? All I seem to find are diet pills; am I looking in the wrong area? I don’t want to lose weight just stay awake in night school.

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  • You can buy both at almost any drug or convenience store. Be aware of the “dose” you are taking when using them. No-doz is usually 100 mg per tab comparable to gulping down a cup of instant coffee. Also be careful if you have any BP or heart problems that could be made worse by using them. Caffeine is a drug and should be used intelligently.

  • Where To Buy Caffeine Pills

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  • 357 Magnum 200mg Caffeine Pills 100 and 500 tabs are available online at PPI, Inc. shipped Priority Mail at

  • Go for kettlebell workouts — an average joe burns 400 calories in 20 moments.

  • No Doz can be found @ any big drug store.. CVS, Walgreens, Brookes, Rite Aid

    They are usually in the same isle with tylonol & other pain medication. Look on the lower shelves.

  • When boredom, depression, or maybe stress causes cravings, find a nonfood way in order to meet them such as getting a walk, calling a friend, going for a bath, reading a book, or perhaps doing some yoga.

  • Cary the motivational picture along

  • Just about any exercise burns energy

  • Any store that has a pharmacy will have caffeine pills. However if you want to stay away and lose weight, try Stackers 2. Be warned though, these pills have been known to kill. Take according to directions.

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