Calories burned during cindy crawford workout video?

I would like to know about how many calories I am burning while doing Cindy Crawfords ‘The next challenge’ work out video. I am 21, 5’5″ and 115 lbs. If this helps with the calculations. Thanks a bunch!

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  • if you know the duration and intensity of the video ,you can go to a calories burned during exercise website and look it up yourself. i haven’t seen it so i haven’t a clue.

    ///i went on a search to see if i could find a calorie count for the video. no luck there but the video did get excellent reviews. i got the impression that it is at least moderate intensity which i think you’d burn around an extra 7cal. per min.

  • Cindy Crawford Workout Dvd

  • Cindy Crawford The Next Challenge

  • i’m not sure about fast, but any physical workout usually takes 3 months for visible effects, and u gotta do it regularly for the 3 months

  • 😀 sounds like fun


    why are you doing that workout!

    I’m like your same height and I weigh 120 lbs!!

    f 16

  • I lost about 3,985 cal. from that video

    results may vary

  • as many as u body lets

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