can a goat really eat large amounts of doritos?

i saw the doritos commercial and theres a goat that eats 156 bags of doritos. then he goes in the kitchen and screams like a girl when theres none left

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  • Goat Doritos Commercial

  • That was a commercial that did not give the right idea about goats. I have seen the commercial that you are talking about. Many times in fact. No body(horse, goat , dog, or human) should eat 156 bags of Doritos. Bloat could happen to a goat if they eat too much of anything(especially lush green grass), but it is not likely they would eat doritos. Goat are in fact very picky eaters. I have doe’s that won’t eat corn cracked, but will only eat it whole. They often won’t eat poisonous plants because of the taste. So in answer to your question it is possible ,but not likely and they would only eat them in a person gave them to it. That is not something any responsible goat owner would do.

  • It COULD possibly eat a large amount of potato chips/corn chips/feed/ etc. but it could ALSO develop what is called bloat (where the stomach blows up like a balloon with gas) and die in horrible pain with foam coming out of its mouth. I’ve held dying goats in my arms like this. If a goat develops serious bloat it has to be tubed and in extreme cases, even have a hole cut into its stomach to release the pressure.

    I really hate it when commercials and the media give a wrong idea about goats (and other animals). Yes, goats chew on a lot of things out of curiosity and they WILL over-indulge in grain or occasionally eat a poisonous plant or some moldy hay, but even a goat’s digestive system isn’t made of steel. If something gets it off-balance, goats can and will sicken and die very quickly…sometimes before you can help them.

    The moral of this story is don’t feed animals a lot of human treats. A lady I know lost a $30K stallion that way after kids fed it a candy bar and some soft drink.

  • Well, over a period of time they could certainly eat a lot of doritos. However, any treats should be given in moderation, and it would be extremely unhealthy for a goat (or anyone, really) to eat 156 bags of doritos in a short period of time.

  • Yes goats are known to eat a lot of almost ANYTHING. So yeah goats can eat a lot of Doritos ^_^

  • yes

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