Can a retired military pallbearer use their dress blues when the deseased isn’t military?

My bf got chosen to be a pallbearer for my dad who didn’t join the military. My bf is a retired Marine and wants me to ask my mom if she would want him to wear his dress blues or not. I know pallbearers have their dress code, and my 2 cousins didn’t wear theirs for our grandma, but my bf does have a lot of respect for my dad and all the stuff; so just wanted to know if using his dress blues break dress code. Because my family is Roman Catholic (my bf isn’t) and there’s this superstition to not wear red at all and I know the uniform has red too.

3 Answers

  • there is No Such Thing as a Military Pallbearer any in Uniform can Volunteerr or be Ordered to be a Pallbearer

  • Since the deceased is not military, it is inappropriate to wear a uniform.  

  • Your father wasn’t in the military, no one else will be wearing a uniform so your bf needs to just wear a suit like everyone else. It isn’t breaking a dress code it is just trying not to stand out so people respect your father

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