Can AirPods or headphones go in the sauna?

There’s no denying that a sauna is a great place to unwind after a long day at work or a challenging workout. Relaxation and music go hand in hand. Therefore it’s no surprise that while in the sauna. We would like to listen to music through our Airpods headphones.

However, this raises whether we can bring them into the sauna without causing them harm. Or Can AirPods or headphones go in the sauna?

Is it possible to use headphones or AirPods in the sauna? You must not bring headphones or AirPods into a sauna. Unless it is expressly stated to be moisture, heat, or bodily perspiration resistant.

Apple claims that AirPods are water-resistant. However, this does not imply that they are waterproof. It then is same for the majority of headphones.

Unfortunately, these devices are waterproof do not mean they will work properly in the sauna for long periods. Almost no devices can withstand the sauna’s high heat. We need to know how a sauna works to figure out how long we can use our gadgets.

Heat should not apply to headphones that contain batteries

When the batteries in your headphones power the speakers and keep the music playing. They can pose a few concerns due to exposure to high heat and humidity.

If this is their technical stance, you should probably avoid wearing Bose headphones in the sauna.

We’ve probably left stuff in the sun for a few minutes to hours, and after one event, your iPhone even warned me that it was too hot. I’ve become more cautious.

Is 15 minutes in the sauna, however, sufficient? However, batteries have not been subjected to temperatures beyond 140°F (60°C).

The limitations can push a little, but this will shorten the life of your battery. However, unless they specifically engineered to take the heat, I would never push the limit over 140°F (60°C).

However, you should be aware when you’ve reached your limit. It has the potential to blow out your headphones.

Will headphones shut off in sauna?

Can AirPods or headphones go in the sauna?

While you may believe you’re taking your headphones to the sauna for a pleasant session. One auto function could throw a wrench in the works. To safeguard the circuitry from fluid and heat damage, sure headphones offer an auto shut down feature.

When your headphones have this feature, they will most likely only last 5 minutes in the sauna’s intense heat and humidity.

If you leave the sauna, they should start operating again within 30 seconds. Everything should restart as soon as the sensors determine that the danger has passed.

This is a feature that almost all headphones, regardless of brand, have. It utilizes to keep the battery safe. A few models do not do this, but this means that the moisture will destroy your headphones.

This question is similar to the AirPods or headphones go in the sauna? We suppose it’s alright if you don’t care about your headphones, but if you do, make sure they are built to withstand time in the sauna.

Is it possible to use AirPods in a dry sauna?

Once it relates to AirPods, dry saunas present a unique and intriguing dilemma. Because dry saunas use dry heat, the air can get quite dry. Static electricity can start building up in your AirPods in such circumstances.

This effect is similar to when you shuffle your feet on a dry carpet and then touch something. When enough static electricity builds up in your ear, it will discharge as a small zap. This isn’t a life-threatening situation, but it’s also not a pleasant experience.

A dry sauna’s heat is even more intense than that of a steam room. Dry saunas typically reach 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit. It is about twice the temperature. At the same AirPods have been designed to work.

How a Sauna Affects Electronics headphone?


Electric systems in devices like headphones, phones, and laptops are susceptible. As you may know, water is a conductor, which means that if it gets into your device, it can cause a short circuit.

Corrosion is another way that moisture can harm your device. As stated earlier, your device contains extremely delicate electric systems. This contains numerous small metal parts that are highly susceptible to rust.

It can be and possibly irreparable if any part of your phone or headphone has rusted. However, if your device is not dried quickly and adequately, it may suffer irreversible damage.

Waterproof devices and cases, of course, can help to avoid this problem. When bringing in your headphones, however, you should be aware of more than just the water.


If you spend too much time in the sauna, the heat combined with your device’s hard drive can cause it to roast. Some devices have built-in cooling mechanisms.

Some headphones are made to withstand extreme temperatures, and your iPhone will warn you if it is about to overheat and needs to turn off.

Because the rapid movement of the hard drive generates a large amount of heat on its own. The devices with a hard drive are the most vulnerable to this type of damage. We’ve all noticed how our phones and computers get warm. If not scorching, after being on for too long—imagine how a sauna’s extra heat might affect the item.

Can you use Beats headphones in a sauna?

Beats headphones use the Apple H1 headphone chip. Therefore the same regulations apply as with AirPods. The Powerbeats and Powerbeats Pro are both IPX4 water-resistant. Which means they’re only protected from accidental splashes.

Manufacturers are also evident in stating that they are sweat and water-resistant, not sweat- and waterproof. The term “sweat and water-resistant” refers to the fact that the conditions. They can be subjected to should not be protracted or permanent.

They also state that you should not use your Powerbeats or Powerbeats Pro in excessively humid situations.

Keep in mind that your Powerbeats Pro charging case is not waterproof, sweatproof, sweat-resistant, or water-resistant in any way. As a result, you must be highly cautious when recharging wet or moist earbuds.

If your headphones or earphones come into touch with water, it’s always a good idea to wash them down with a soft cloth. You also can keep them for a few hours to ensure that any condensation has gone.

Are there special headphones for the sauna?

There aren’t any headphones designed expressly for use in a sauna, but you’re in luck! There are a couple of brands that could easily have been!

Aftershokz Titanium wireless headphones are my #1 selection. They’re constructed of titanium, which is ideal for the sauna’s high temperatures. Because titanium is a poor conductor of electricity and heat. It provides some resistance against static shock and overheating.

Its IP55 water and dust resistance put it somewhat ahead of AirPods. It can endure not just splashes of water but also a short jet of water. As a result, it should perform a little better in terms of moisture. Aftershokz’s bone conduction technology is my favorite feature.

Instead of going into your ear, the sound has projected into your cheekbones as vibrations. As a result, you can listen to music or listen to a podcast without worrying about introducing bacteria into your ear canal.

Finally, some anecdotal information suggests that these headphones work well in the sauna. Several reviewers say they’ve had no problems using their Aftershokz throughout the sauna — make sure you don’t spend too much time there.

The Jabra Elite 65t earbuds are a close second. They have a streamlined design that makes them easy to use and store in your pocket.

Jabra earphones, like Aftershokz, construct of titanium and have an IP55 rating. These go in the ear instead of around it, which is the most noticeable difference. The rubber tips that will go into the ear canal, on the other hand, are flexible, making them cleaner and sterilize.


Headphones and AirPods could use in a sauna and still work, but only for a short time, seldom, and at great danger.

There are ways to limit these hazards. But there aren’t many items on the market right now that can ensure your headphones and phone security. The sauna is, after all, a place to unwind, and the last thing you want to stress about phone or headphones dying on you.

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