Can an executive be “forced” to function as a sponsor?

THE INVISIBLE SPONSOR Background Some executives prefer to micromanage proj are fearful of making a decision because, if they were to make the wrong decision, it could impact their career. In this case study, the president of the company assigned one of the vice presidents to act as the project sponsor on a project designed to build tooling for a client. The sponsor, however, was reluctant to make any decisions. Assigning the VP ects whereas other executives Moreland Company was well-respected as a tooling design-and-build company. Moreland was project-driven because all of its income came from projects. Moreland was also reasonably mature in project management. When the previous VP for engineering retired, Moreland hired an executive from a manufacturing company to replace him. The new VP for engineering, Al Zink, had excellent engineering knowledge about tooling but had worked for companies that were not project-driven. Al had very little knowledge about project maragement and had never 985 fiunctioned as a project sponsor. Because of Als lack of experience as a sponsor, the president decided that Al should get his feet wet as quickly as possible and assigned him as the project sponsor on a medium sized project. The project manager on this project was Fred Cutler. Fred was an engineer with more than twenty years of experience in tooling design and manufacturing. Fred reported directly to Al Zink administratively according to this case study answer the following questions 1. Why do some executives refuse to function as project sponsors?
2. Can an executive be “forced” to function as a sponsor?
3. Is it right for the sponsor to be the ultimate person responsible for
the success or failure of the project?


Answer 1. Executives refuse to function as project sponsors as they are fearful for making decision and wrong decisions may impact their career. Executives are reluctant to make decisions. 2. Executives are not forced to function as a project sponsor. In above case President of Moreland company assigned Al Zink as a project sponsor on a small-medium size project. But due to lack of experience of Al in project management, he tried to force project manager Fred to take decisions and delaying to clear the paper formalities.

3. Project sponsor is the responsible and accountable person for the success and failure of the project. They are officially appointed for that work and head of the project. In above case Al is project sponsor and he is accountable for the project delay or progress. All the documents needs his signature to process further.

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