Can anyone calculate my grade?

I suck at math and I can’t do it myself lol. Anyways tests are worth 60 percent (20 percent each) of our grade. My score was a 92 for each test (there were 3 test. midterm + two finals). Assignments are worth 20 percent. There were 9 assignments, I missed two. A presentation was worth 10 percent of our grade, I got 100 as a score. Whats my grade?

100% on each assignment minus the ones I did turn in.

other 10% is participation. 100 on that too.

3 Answers

  • You’re right, not good at math, 60% + 20% + 10% = 90%, what’s the other 10%

    Multiply percentages x grades, then add those numbers

    .6 x .92 = .552

    7/9 is 78%

    .2 x .78 = .155

    .1 x 1.0 = .100

    So far you got .807, so 80.7%, but we need the missing 10%, if you get full points on the last unmentioned 10% you get get as high as 90.7%, which is just barely an A (or A-) in most grade scales. Any less than 93% you are in B territory.

  • You didn’t tell us one thing we need to know: What were your grades on the 7 assignments you turned in? and…

    Because you have completed only 90% of the class (60% tests, 20% assignments, 10% presentation), 10% of your grade is outstanding. Therefore, we can calculcate only your grade up to now; the remaining 10% of the work required for the class could change your grade.

  • Why do children always laugh at their own stupidity?

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