Can anyone give me a thesis statement for bipolar disorder?

I’m doing an essay for bipolar disorder and i would like to end my intro with a good thesis statement. Can someone help me out? My teacher would only want me to mention manic and depression in my essay… This essay is for gym and I also need some references. If anyone has some please say so. Although, if you give me websites I wouldn’t refer to wikipedia because teachers at my school don’t count that as a reference because a lot of people can edit that site.

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  • You can do a google search for “suicide rate” and “bipolar.” You will find that about 25% of people with bipolar commit suicide, and 50% or so attempt.

    You could mention that, “Bipolar is a serious medical condition, which if not managed properly can end in death. Twenty-five percent of individuals suffering from bipolar disorder end their life, while half attempt it at some point in their life. With treatment, many people with this disorder can live productive lives.

    You could also look up the success of treatment or some famous people that have bipolar. Another possibility is to stress how this is a medical condition, and that if you find out someone has this disorder you should support them.

  • Research Paper On Bipolar Disorder

  • Yes Holly is confused. It used to be called manic depression, then bipolar and now bipolar spectrum. It’s all various words referring to the same mood disorder.

    Thesis statement could be…

    Bipolar is a complicated psychiatric condition where individuals swing between suicidal depression and elevated mania.

    There are tons of books, magazine articles etc. on the topic. I think you should find your own references.

  • Holly sounds really confused…… Why on earth would you do a paper on Bipolar Disorder for GYM class???

  • Bipolar and manic/depressant are, in my experience with others diagnosed with them, very different diagnosis. Bipolar is significantly more then the concept of two polar opposite emotional states. I recommend starting research by looking up bipolar symptom checklists. Good luck with your essay.

  • Why listen to us who are diagnosed?

    Everybody else knows better!

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