can anyone tell me what this mean “musta na. why naman may inuman sama ako pls” thxs…?

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  • how are you?

    why, is there a drinking session?

    can I join?


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    can anyone tell me what this mean "musta na. why naman may inuman sama ako pls" thxs...?

  • "Musta na"(short term of kumusta na)=which means How have you been?or how are yah?

    Why nanam may inuman=why is there any drinking?

    Sama ako pls!=let me join pls!

  • *musta na -how are you?

    slang for : kamusta ka na?

    *why naman may inuman - why is there, as previously mentioned , a drinking session. The word "why" is included because of Filipino's fondness of using Tag-Lish (tagalog and english both used in a sentence)

    *sama ako pls - can i please come/join?

    *thxs - thanks . a mere typographical error or a deliberate abbreviation usually done by Filipinos .


  • Musta Na

  • musta na means" How are you?" Why naman may inuman means " why there is drinking" or " why are you drinking"

    sama ako pls means "may / can I join please"

    thxs means "thanks"...Pinoys love to use this (thxs) when sending a short message.

    I hope I give justice to this amazing Filipino sweetness...

  • Musta na is short for Kumusta ka na.... meaning How are you?

    Why naman may inuman, sama ako, pls.... Why is there drinking spree, I want to join, please.

  • DI AKO YAN: DI - Short for the word HINDI which means NO or NOT AKO - ME YAN - Short for the word IYAN which means THAT or IT'S If you put it in a sentence it means... THAT IS NOT ME. Hope that helps...

  • Hi, it means:

    musta na - how are you

    why naman may inuman - why is there a drinking session?

    sama ako please - let me join please

  • Well buddy you got answers. I bet you want to know how to say" I love you, youre so pretty, you are so beautiful etc. Hehehe.

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    "Di ako yan" means "That's not me" or "It's not me."

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