Can bible be used as toilet paper? Does it wipe our faeces as good as it wipes our sins?

7 Answers

  • I guess you haven’.t one to experiment with!!

    Stop wasting your time matey.

  • it would either be a blasphemous gesture or a sacrilege

    i think in the old days it would have been the death penalty.

  • you’d have to use like 20 pages at a time. Doesn’t seem very economic

  • If you have to even ask,you are a mental midget..

    You must have learning,& mental disabilities;Of which should be looked @ by professional doctors.



    It’s for your own good,dear.

  • just go ahead, you will sure get some rashes.

  • No

    While I do not believe in the Bible, I think it has value as a document of literature and is culturally significant.

    Plus, that would make for VERY expensive toilet paper.

  • Well, the paper in bibles IS famously thin…

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