Can california rolls be kept out of the fridge?

My boyfriend and I got a big platter of rolls veggie roll,california,dynamite and cucumber roll.......and he said that the rolls can stay in their container and be kept on the counter for a day and they will still be good! Putting them in the fridge makes them nasty I agree...but I cant see the rolls just staying on the counter especially the california roll it has imitation crab mixed with mayo. But he is a sushi man (korean) and think he knows best....

what do you think?

P.S.And none of the rolls contain raw fish...he ates those ones

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  • use your head! mayo...left outside. think about, how smart would that be, no matter what. anyway, its kind of late now!

  • I wouldn't advise doing that. There are two reasons why: 1) the rice gets hard when left out for a long time (it would also get hard in a refrigerator if you leave it uncovered,) 2) the mayonnaise would spoil if left out for too long and you would risk getting food poisoning from eating it. if you really don't want it to be left in a fridge overnight because you don't like the taste, i'd suggest setting the temperature of your refrigerator a little bit higher so that the sushi is still kept cold, but that way it won't spoil.

    (p.s. my girlfriend is a sushi chef as a career so this is what her suggestion would be.)

  • Leaving rice out with any protein at room temp is a good recipe for Bacillus Cereus, which is an acute form of food poisoning which can be in the form of vomiting or very intense diarhea. I think four hours would be the maximum before you start to take risk with it. Rice in itself will not make the bacteria- it needs to have protein to activate it.

  • em' if you brought those sushi rolls from a shop, than obviously they were refrigerated.

    Once the sushi is refrigerated, than u must keep it in the fridge if u wanna keep it over night.

    also, mayo sauce definitely cant be eaten and kept over night because mayo itself needs to be refrigerated after opening.

    its best to keep it all in the fridge, and i know it wont turn out as nice as if it is not refrigerated, but at least it would safe u from getting sick:)


  • You should refrigerate. Just wrap them tightly in plastic wrap. Anything that has mayo should be refrigerated because you run the risk of food poisoning.

  • only for an hour or so after getting them

  • no it isn't safe...he might be korean but i was a bio major

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