can cats physically bark?

like if they really tried couldn’t they just bark ?!

7 Answers

  • A cat and her kittens were prowling an alley, looking for food, when a dog came by and threatened them. The kittens got behind their mother, who turned sideways and puffed herself up to look bigger. The dog started walking toward them. The mother hissed and spat. The dog came coming. The mother stated to growl and then barked loudly. The dog turned and left. The mother cat turned to the kittens and said, “See, that’s why I told you that ir was a good idea to study foreign languages.”

  • My cat sort of growls when he doesn’t want to be disturbed, but no barking.

  • idk **** around and find out

  • Well you can make a cat go “Woof”.

    Pour petrol over it the strike a match and it goes WOOF.

  • They don’t have the vocal necessities body-plan wise to bark. Did you know that lions also can’t purr, because they roar instead.

  • No. Different physiology. Doesn’t allow it. 

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