Can consuming fiber help me lose belly fat?

Hi guys! I am choosing fiber supplements, or the powder because I don’t really get enough of it in the meals my family makes. I do eat vegetables every night for dinner, but I don’t know if it’s a good amount. Usually we’d have a full plate of food, but a small amount of vegetables like green beans on the side. I am almost out of high school, so as I go off to college I will have a new diet plan for myself. I have really bad belly fat, I think a majority of it is due to my digestive system. The biggest my stomach has been was when I was at the mall, and ate the food there, once I drank enough water and flushed all the toxins out, my stomach was perfectly fine, and back to normal. I have horrible bloating, but also fat is frequently stored in my stomach, everywhere else is fine. I want to take care of that ASAP. It’s not my parents fault though, I’m almost an adult and it’s my responsibility to get the nutrients I need on my own. There are foods that to trigger my digestive system, that I still eat, like cheese, beans, spicy foods, greasy foods, and hot sauce. It causes me to have horrible cramps, my stomach feels hard, and the size of my stomach increases. Sorry for this long explanation, I just want to give enough information to determine if increasing my fiber intake will help me with this issue. 

I have been decreasing my calorie intake, it really does make a difference in your weight. My main issue is that I see progress everywhere else on my body, but not my stomach .

3 Answers

  • Yes, eating fiber is part of a healthy diet, including losing fat.  However you should get it from food.  You don’t need any supplements, you can get all the nutrients you need from actual food.  It’s way better for you, and cheaper too.  Don’t forget that if you want to lose fat, you have to eat less overall.  Eat more veggies and less of everything else.

  • Fat as always is merely what all bodies produce when you are eating too many calories.

    If you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose fat.

    If you eat MORE you will GAIN fat

  • Congratulations on winning solving fat loss,  obesity and IBS!

    I’m being absolutely serious.   Your intuition is what took experts years to study and come to. 

    There are two types of digestive fiber: soluble (meaning some substance can dissolve it) and insoluble (the opposite).

    Insoluble fiber is the only one that will make a difference.   Soluble fibers are important elsewhere,  but not about

     fat loss.

    Fiber supplements are 100% soluble fibers,  so they won’t help fat loss.

    No supplements; eat whole foods instead. 

    I am sorry that I don’t have the time to fully explain to your level of understanding, but below is a  book that is written by a pediatric endocrinologist who solved the majority of obesity and the associated health problems.   It’s probably going to be over your head,  but the message is clear:

    Eat ONLY whole foods and drink ONLY water, unsweetened teas and unflavored milk. 

    AKA the human diet,  and excess body fat is but one product of STRAYING from that diet we evolved with.

    You don’t need to understand the biochemistry behind it,  but if you are curious as to how correct your intuition is,  give it a try.  Watch the YouTube video. 

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