can dogs eat pudding….?

well i was wondering if dogs can eat vanilla pudding because i wanted to give him sum but i wanted to make sure it was ok

and he's terrier mix

is there any other household items i can give him

12 Answers

  • Dogs shouldn't really eat anything containing sugar. Probably a little small amount won't hurt him if he likes it.


    As for other items you could give him. My dog just loves carrots. I slice the raw carrot into small chunks. Some dogs probably like them better cooked.

  • Pudding generally contains milk. Dogs, like some people, are lactose intolerant. Also, sugar (sucralose) is not good for dogs (or people). A small amount probably isn't going to hurt a dog, but it isn't good for them.

  • I don't think dogs can have pudding because it is a sweet.

  • My dog before ate some pudding though i still wouldn't do it. fine something else

  • not recommended. sweets are not good, especially for a small dog. a lick or two wont hurt, but don't give him spoon fulls. Plain yogurt on the other hand is healthy for dogs, just not the flavored types.

  • No, but they can have plain yogurt low sugar

    the pudding has too much sugar in it,

    and certainly not chocolate of anything

  • they make dog pudding and ice cream. but no they can't eat it. cause of the sugar in it.

  • I wouldn't give it to him. More and more there are "doggie cookies" and want not that are safe for the dog. If you want to give him "sweets" find the kind for dogs.

  • Nope.. Too much milk and too much sugar.

  • I give it to my dogs sometimes. They love it.

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