Can glass burn and catch fire?

Just a random thing that i dont know!

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  • Glass is melted sand so it is already "burnt". In a fire glass will shatter, soften and then "carbonise" = turn black and hard.

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    Can glass burn and catch fire?

    Just a random thing that i dont know!

  • Glass is made mostly from Silicon Dioxide (sand). This is already fully oxidised and so can't burn any further.

    As there is no carbon in glass it cannot carbonise, which involves heating organic matter such as wood in an oxygen deficient atmosphere. Any blackening is due to soot deposition from other sources.

  • For something to burn or combust it must be able to react with oxygen in the atmosphere.

    Silicon like carbon can only have 4 covalent bonds. In glass, which is silicon dioxide, silicon is bonded to two oxygen atoms. Both of the bonds to the oxygen atoms are double covalent bonds. This means that silicon can not react further with oxygen because its valence electron shell is already full. Further, the silicon atom in silicon dioxide is also fully oxidised already by virtue of it being being bonded to two oxygen atoms.

    Silicon oxygen bonds are extremely stable which is one of the reasons why glass is so unreactive and which is one reason why it makes great containers to do chemical reactions in. Glass does however react with one particular element, but it will not burn in the conventional sense of the word (combustion/reaction with oxygen). The element I speak of is fluorine or compounds derived from fluorine. Hydrofluoric acid, HF, is extremely reactive and will dissolve glass. HF is used industrially to etch glass.

  • Doesn't burn Melts and breaks due to heat and carbonises in house fire doesn't burn

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  • If a flame catches the glass, then it will just turn black

  • It is possible to burn glass in an environment of fluorine gas. I've never seen it, but it sounds pretty cool.

  • because of the properties of glass it melts but it doesnt catch fire.

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