can i date my uncles wifes nephew?

does it mean i am related to my uncles wife’s nephew cause we have been talk in and i am wondering if i am related to him someone please give me answers please

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  • Your uncle’s wife is your aunt (by marriage). Since there is no blood relation there, yes you can date her nephew…because he is also no relation to you.

    Blood cousins can date and marry all over the world…the only restriction is in some US states and some countries, first cousins cannot marry (in some states/countries they can)…everywhere all other cousins can marry so your aunt-by-marriage’s nephew is a non-issue…good luck!!!

  • Well, your technially not blood related to him. In my eyes. Its ok(:

    But just becareful, dear. There are some huge assholes out there. So if you guys do date don’t tell eveyone you are dating. I think you have the right to love freely. Now if it was your dad,mom, sister, brother ect. Close blood related family members. Thats diffrent.(: But really the destion is up to you. 😀

    good luck



  • If you have to ask then that means a part of you doesn’t want to. They’re consequences for relationships like that. In a situation like this you have to think about all that parties involved.

  • i wouldn’t see why not. if it ever gets serious you might want to talk to your uncles wife to let her know cause i am sure it might be a little awkward for her.

  • hes not blood related, but its gonna be weird if you get married.

  • not blood related.

  • no blood no foul

  • No. I mean you can, but its really weird..

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