can i eat only avocados and lose weight?

i love them, and i could live on them, but i want to lose weight….

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  • First off…there is no cholesterol in avocados. It actually helps reduce the bad cholesterol in your body because of the mono unsaturated fats. While avocados are healthy, too much of anything isnt good. You are also missing a variety of vitamins and other phytonutrients, along with protein.

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  • Avocados ARE goood lol! I love them too. But I wouldn’t say only eating avocados will help you lose weight… most diets that have you eating only one type of food are unhealthy… I suggest exercising which will help you lose weight (running is excellent, like 4-5 miles every other day) and that way you can eat foods that have avocados in them. I love eating sandwiches with avocado (especially turkey, cheese, and avocado sandwiches) x)

    Good luck!

  • Avocado Only Diet

  • Yes you can only eat avocados and lose weight! . I have done it and lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks. No exercising. Meaning, I only eat avocados and drank water now and then. Maybe its just my body type. But I did it and Bam…the weight was gone. Now I am building my muscles slowly.


    Of course u can because the amount of healthy fat in avocadoes is not that high to cause significant weight gain like the saturated fat found in most animal meats. Also, the good fat will eventually be utilized also to maintain normal body function thus reducing calories. When u exeecise, this fat is further got burned too, so all in all u will still burn more calories than u store. Unless u compete in eating avocadoes contest 😀

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  • Yes. And don’t listen to you’re missing out “vitamins and protein”

    Avocado is a whole food and has so much vitamins and good source of protein as well. It contains TONS of minerals, I’d eat it every day in every meal if I could find organic and affordable ones

  • Nope.

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    Hope this helps!

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