Can I have more than one best man? My fiance suggested titles of “Honorary Best Man” for two of my friends.

I have to choose among three very close individuals to me and I don’t want to hurt any of their feelings. Can I choose one best man and two honorary best men? I also have five other individuals I would choose as groomsmen. If I do give the title of “honorrary” best man, what do I tell them their responsibilities are?

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  • i had thought long and hard about this one. i was gonna have best man/maid of honor at my wedding when hubby and i renew our vows but instead am choosing “honor attendants” all around because that way i wont anger anyone

  • Of course you can! It’s becoming much more popular for brides to have more than one maid of honour – the problem I see with “honorary best man” (although you may not see it the same way) it that it sounds sort of like “runner up.” Really the only time in the wedding it matters who is the “best man” is in the ceremony – only one can stand right beside you, and only one can sign the registry. Those are physical things. Everything else, they can share or divide (planning the bachelor party, etc.)

    You could have one hold the rings, one stand beside you, and the other sign the registry, or have one do everything in the ceremony. This isn’t something you have to decide on right now, though. You could simply ask them all to be your best men, and figure out with them exactly what that will mean.

    And the rest of your friends can play other roles – groomsmen, ushers, emcee, dj, etc.

  • You can have three Best Men. Don’t go into this “honorary” nonsense.

    Check, see their site index to find the article with the responsibilities of Best Men and Groomsmen.

    That’s a very big wedding party- 8 people on your side– do you actually have 8 friends who are reliable enough to perform in that role, and get their stuff done on time?! Be careful and think, before you actually ask them, because it’s rude to ask people to step down after you’ve invited them to be a groomsman.

  • Why not just have 3 best men? My brother-in-law had 2 when he and my sister got married and it worked out well. They both gave toasts at the reception and split the other duties. The point of attendants is to honor the people close to you and share your wedding day with them. Good luck!

  • you can have as many as you want. put one in charge of the ring,(who you are closest to) one to take care of the bachelor party (the crazy one) and one to help you with the million errands you’ll be running the week before the wedding (the responsible one). Hey, now that I’ve actually said that it sounds like a really good idea. Wish I’d thought of it for my wedding!

  • Try the title Best Men. and then list their names. as for the duties, split them up by which task suits each persons strengths. If one is more organized than the others make him in charge of the limo and other details, one is your bud you party with, make him in charge of the pre wedding festivities., ect…..also becarful of having to many in your party, use some for ushers, you do not want more in the party that at the wedding itself.

  • Go ahead and have the three best men group. Maybe they can split up the repsonsiblilities… getting tuxes/ planning bachelorett part/ getting the ring.

  • No, one best man (he is your witness) and the others are groomsmen. You can list them in the wedding program as your best friends.

  • You can have however many you want & you can call them whatever you want; but if you are in an area where there are witnesses required, you will have to chose just one….hence “the best man”.

  • yes you can have more then one best man, the honorary ones help you out with everything.

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