Can i put hot coffee or hot chocolate in a plastic cup?

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  • i wouldn’t advise it – the hot beverage can react with the plastic and release potentially toxic chemicals into what you are about to drink…

    for example – plastic bottles with BPA released estrogen-mimicking compounds into the hot liquid that could seriously have messed up hormone balance. most bottles with BPA have been recalled at this point, but who knows what other compounds the plastic bottles are still releasing?

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  • Depends on the kind of plastic. You can pour hot chocolate or coffee into a disposable plastic cup but be VERY careful as these are very unsafe. I wouldn’t put exceptionally hot liquids in these. With sturdy, stiff plastic cups it is doable; just don’t ever put any kind of plastic in the microwave (I.E. to make hot chocolate). This is pretty easy; if you use a dish washer, these dishes go through intense temperatures inside. They are designed to handle boiling temperatures. Not being a jerk, some people don’t know that. Just be aware of the kind of plastic (hard or flexible) and how hot the liquid is.

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    Can i put hot coffee or hot chocolate in a plastic cup?

  • Hot water and a packet of chocolate mix.

  • on the bottom of most plastic beverage containers there should be a label or stamp that will give you a heat tolerance level.

  • we have need coffee cup plastic materials

  • Yes, it won’t melt. It will be hotter than a ceramic or metal cup, but it would still work.

  • There’s only one way to find out.

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