can i put mousse in my hair 24 hours after my perm?

i had gotten my first perm and its sooo poofy and i was wonderin if i can put mousse in my hair and style it like 36 hours after my perm…i kind wanted to put cornrows in it and leave it curlly but i wanna get the frizz out and i know that i cant wash it

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  • yes you can, you just can’t wash it or wet it.I’ve had a bunch of perms and as long as you don’t get it wet you will be fine.

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  • you’re able to do what ever you desire on your hair, do only not put in shampoo for 40 8 hours. Use gel, mouse, curl it, condition it, hair spray…etc…The shampoo genuinely relaxes the perm and might make it frizzy…try not pull your hair back or use a broom, permit the curls do their very own ingredient for 40 8+ hours. This helps your hair to look clearly curly…

  • Its ur wish

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