Can i run over a pedestrian who walks after red light start flashing. Will i get in trouble or it will be pedestrian fault.?

5 Answers

  • In Pennsylvania you’d be in trouble. The government here has decided that people are so stupid they can’t look both ways before crossing the street. Drivers have to be ready for any stupid moron to step out in front of them.

  • You cannot run over anyone, ever.

    You will get in trouble.

    If you do it on purpose, it will be your fault and will not be the pedestrian’s fault.

    If you do it by accident, it might be the pedestrian’s fault, but you will still get in trouble.

  • At your trial you may be found not guilty but you will be arrested and jailed, possibly bailed out and will have court cosy and attorney fees and you will have to pay those in addition your insurance will skyrocket.

  • it will be the pedestrians fault get your gun out and finish him off save on insurance costs and stupid questions, have a hassle free day

  • You are ALWAYS supposed to be in control of your vehicle, regardless of flashing lights or idiot pedestrians.

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