Can I salvage homemade tomato sauce that turned to a brownish paste?

My bf overcooked it while I was at work. What would I add to thin it out? & would I need to add more seasonning then (if I have to thin it out with something like water)? The consistency is like tomato paste. Or should I be concerned about the brown color? It doesn t smell bad. Thank you!

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  • You can add some tomato sauce or crushed Tomatoes and use it like you would tomato paste and it should be good bu you probably should add some new flavoring like Italian seasoning more crushed garlic and even a bay leaf. Just simmer it and stir it into the thick stuff and it should be ;fine.

  • If it has a brownish paste look to it, it probably burned on the bottom and is ruined. But taste it first. If it tastes ok, then try adding some canned tomato sauce to it and mix well.

  • It oxidized, you might be able to bring the colour back with a little lemon juice but that is more or less cosmetic, Brown is ok if it tastes good after all baked beans in tomato sauce is brown.

  • If it tastes ok I’d use it in a pasta bake / lasagne / marinara sauce.

  • Start over

  • If it has cooked to the point of not tasting good, I would say no. Otherwise use it in a sauce.

  • He probably scorched some of the tomatoes. Tiff. It won’t harm you to eat it, but I’d imagine the flavor will be off. Adding water and/or additional tomato sauce will dilute the off taste, but it won’t eliminate it. I’d throw it out; better yet, serve it to the bozo and tell him to stay away from the stove!

  • It doesn’t taste good, so throw it out.

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