Can I still become a police officer despite an undetected crime?

I am going to college to study criminal justice but have recently been looking into the interview process in the state of Texas and how the polygraph works.

I have committed minor offenses as a teenager such as pirating movies, being an accessory to shop lifting (1 time and I still feel guilty about it)

I also did stupid stuff a month after I turned 18 that I am more worried about. I bought a cigarette for an underage friend (not proud of myself), and this same friend on another occasion during a hunting trip attached a water bottle to the end of my rifle to try to make a silencer. The water bottle didn’t even work but still I realize how wrong this is now but in my young stupid teenage years I wasn’t thinking.

I don’t feel these actions reflect upon my moral character or show who I am as a person. Everyone makes mistakes. I am an Eagle Scout and actively involved in helping my community and want to continue to do so as a police officer. I have not committed any crimes since this. My last crime was 7 years ago.

What I want to know is will I be disqualified for any of the undetected crimes above?

I would like answer preferably from any current or former law enforcement officers. Thanks

2 Answers

  • If you do not lie with most departments, no problem.

    Thinking that majoring in any so called police major, police science,criminal justice etc at an undergrad level will help you become a cop will hurt you more than your teenage “crimes”

    You will get up to date and useful cj courses in the police academy.

    A future and working cop needs great critical thinking skills. The problem with cj etc are that they do not help you develop those skills. They are rote memory courses of study.

    Those that do best on entrance and promotion written and oral testing are those who have a wide spread education and have taken classes in, not majored especially, philosophy and comparative religion.

    Public speaking, psych classes like small group interaction, body language etc are great also.

    Having some work or volunteer experience where you have had a lot of interaction with the public also helps prepare you for the job.

  • They’ll take anyone. Many cops are thugs in disguise.

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