Can i still drink fizzy drinks with braces?

The dentis says im not aloud but im rhinking its because they dont like people drinking fizzy drinks anyway?

7 Answers

  • The reason orthodontists say not to drink fizzy drinks like soda is because if you notice, even without soda, soda gives your teeth a soft brownish tint. It usually goes away though. With braces however, when that leftover soda is on your teeth, it may start to rot, causing white spots, or cavities. If you really love soda (like me) just make sure to brush your teeth IMMEDIATELY. Therefore, you have a less of a risk of white spots, and cavities.

  • Fizzy drinks do no more damage to your teeth with braces than they do without braces. All I would say is you need to brush your teeth well if you do drink fizzy drinks because otherwise, when you get your braces off, you could be left with unsightly white patches where your brackets prevented the fizzy drinks discoloring your teeth

  • I wear braces all the time,I drink fizzy drinks all the time,I don’t care what dentists say, besides, how I hold my trousers up is none of their business!

  • It’s only recommended not to, you can DO whatever you want. I have braces and I do eat every single thing I am not supposed to

  • I would have thought you could, and use it as a swizzle to rinse them, but it may affect the metal of leave a sugary liquid that could attack the enamel.

  • Yes you can. Just not as often

  • Ya I don’t see why not

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