Can i still go to a bar and drink with an expired license?

i am a resident of Texas, but i was born and raised in new york, and i have a new york expired license. I am visiting new york with my family and friends. And some friends and i are going out to drink tonight. I cannot find my texas license anywhere, but I do have my new york expired license. Can you still get into a bar and be able to drink if you have an expired license?

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  • No. They are not supposed to let you in with an expired license. However most establishments don't check that.

    I was at a local store the other day attempting to buy some beer and wine and they did notice that mine was expired. She let me buy anyways but told me that she was not supposed to.

  • Depends on the people at the bar. I've been let in a bar on an expired ID. Where I live the State RUNS the Liquor stores(oh no now people know I live in like one of 2 States lol) and they let me go with an expired State issued ID, they said it was still ok because it could be traced if they needed to but that I needed to get a new one. So I guess in part depends how long your ID was expired. Looks change, how do they know it is really you. I mean if it expired like a month or so ago then who cares, but if it was 5 years then yeah that is suspicious.

  • well im from ny so i can probably answer better they are really big on ids in ny and if its some place where they scan ids then forget it will come up invalid or if they notice the expiration date they wont let you in either. technically its illegal for them to let you in without a valid i.d. and an expired one doesn't qualify but i'm sure there are a lot of places that will let you in especially if your with a group of ppl.

  • Patrick J is right. They aren't suppose to. But many will. It will depend on where you go. Just keep trying different places until they let you in.

    Some places with scan your ID and it will show as invalid b/c it's expired. Good Luck HaveFun!

  • I'm pretty sure you may run into some trouble with that. I say, just to be safe, maybe bring a birth certificate or something like that. I know it sounds a little eccentric, but if you want to get served with an expired license, I say take precautions.

  • You can go to a bar and drink as long as you're of age.

    But the bar might require proof of your age, and they might not accept an expired NY license.

  • If your lisence is expired, it is not considered a valid ID in New York, so any bartender, bouncer, or clerk is supposed to refuse you service for alcohol.

  • I doubt they will check the expiration date.

  • Sigh

    I remember when i used to get carded. Those were the days.

  • Yes, the license is there to verify your age so you shouldn't have a problem.

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