Can I use apple juice instead of apple cider in this recipe?


Apple cider is expensive, and I prefer the taste of apple juice.

Will the substitution change the taste of the final dish by much?


Not apple cider vinegar. Apple cider.

Apple cider is not alcoholic.

4 Answers

  • It will be fine.

  • You can try it but it might taste different

  • It won’t be quite the same, but fruit juice is always a good substitute for wine or cider. Or in a savoury recipe, make up some stock and use that – but here, you want some apple taste in the sauce as it’s a pork recipe, so my feeling as a cook is to go for the juice. Apples and pork traditionally go together, dating from the time when people in Europe would graze pigs in apple orchards and they’d eat the windfalls.

    Use a little less than it says to use of cider because less of it will boil off as there’s no alcohol in juice. Alcohol boils at a lower temperature so the alcohol in cider will all boil off quicker, so using the same amount of juice might make the sauce too thin. You can always add a little more if it’s looking not thin enough.

    BTW this is a very French way to cook – cook the meat, take it out to rest, then put some liquid in the pan to deglaze the pan and quickly make a sauce. Any meat juices that have oozed out will of course end up in the sauce, so you get all the taste with no waste.

  • I never use ACV, it is a big Con. Ordinary apple juice is fine.

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