Can illegals with an expired visa live in Orlando, Florida?

6 Answers

  • They can live anywhere in the US now that Biden is president.

  • Legally no.        .

  • Until and unless they are caught, yes. There are far too many people who came into the country legally and then stayed for Homeland Security to track them down. They don’t bother unless the people commit a crime or otherwise draw attention to themselves. They can’t get a real job without a work visa, but otherwise, they’re probably safe. However, if they try to leave, it will be discovered that they overstayed their visa, and they will not be able to come back to the US for 10 years. 

  • Go ask in Immigration, as this has NOTHING to do with Travel.

  • Can they live there?  Absolutely, they can live anywhere.  Can they live there or anywhere else legally?  No.

    And as hihi said, walls don’t work.  Most illegal aliens are people who entered legally and overstayed their visas. 

  • They can live where ever they want as long as CIS doesn’t know.

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