Can madonna speak Italian?

As she born and lived in US, I wonder if she can speak Italian?

9 Answers

  • Madonna only speaks British.

  • No, she doesn’t. Madonna only speaks English & some French because she loves France acording to the documentary I’M GOING TO TELL YOU A SECRET. 😉

  • No, she never had any interest. Italian obviously wasn’t spoken at home with six children. She likes french, and let’s not forget her mother comes from french-canadian ancestry, so i don’t know how much influence that had…

  • The only Italian I’ve ever know her to speak is:

    “io sono felicissima di essere qui” meaning, “I’m happy to be here.”

    She says that quite constantly when she performs in Italy, kind like how “croyez-vous dans l’amour” is her usual one liner when she’s in France.

  • in her song “Sorry” She said: “Sono spiacente, perdonami” = “I’m sorry, forgive me” so I think she can speak a little italian… I think she speaks bad italian.

  • no she only speaks english

  • Just a little.

  • I highly doubt it.

  • Sure. I do.

    “Spaghetti.” “O Sole Mio.” “Mafia”. “Pasta.”

    Want more?

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