Can one stand on pressurised water?

In a movie I saw a submarine with a small hole at its bottom, from this the people in it observed the waters and dived and whatnot, and that got me thinking. Since we can’t stand on water because it is too light, can we stand on the highly dense pressurised water? Like deep in the ocean?

I know that pressure that deep would crush a person, so if one were to get on a submarine with a hole and put their foot on the water from the hole, would they float or what?

2 Answers

  • No, they would still sink. Water has pretty much the same density for a very large range of pressures. The pressure at the deepest part of the ocean is 1,086 bars, and about 1 deg C. The density is only 0.3% more than at the surface.

    In other words, it’s very cold, but still practically the same density. You can’t stand on it.

  • Stop thinking my brain hurts

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