can rabbits eat oranges?

Hi, I have a pet rabbit and I am wondering if I can feed her an occasional slice of an orange? Just if its ok for them?

I’ve been wondering if its safe to feed them????

thanks for your help!

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  • My rabbit likes them. Rabbits are actually pretty good about not eating things that aren’t good for them. Orange slices are full of sugar and too much sugar isn’t good for rabbits. A little bit should be fine time to time, but if you rabbit gets the runs afterward then you know better for next time.

  • Can Rabbits Eat Oranges

  • Can Bunnies Eat Oranges

  • once a month or something would be ok, as the acids in them can upset a rabbits stomach – that is, if it even ate it at all! most dont like oranges

    it is safe in small quantities, yep 🙂

    but try giving it brussel sprouts (especially coz its near christmas haha) – mine used to love them!

    good luck!

  • A small amount now and again is safe and a nice treat. Just don’t give her tooo much.

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  • I would not reccomend it. Contrary to belief. Rabbits are not rodents and they have extremely sensitive digestive systems. Check out this website for the most corrent and correct bunny food info. I often refer to this site when feeding my bunny.…

  • only a little bit a week cuz its very runny like lettise

  • it’s ok..XD

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