Can RATS eat sunflower seeds?

If yes, How many a day do you recommend just for like treats?

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  • Sunflower seeds are like the McDonalds of pet food. They're not very good since they are high in fat. Most critters favor them, so if they're in a food mix, they pick them out and eat them first, and will leave the healthier stuff behind.

    A few given as a treat here and there (unsalted, with or without the shell) would be fine. You can give them much healthier things though - like fresh fruits and veggies, and even some meats/fish/bones. A carrot stick or chunk would not only be healthier, but would give them something to chew and gnaw on. Even a thick chicken bone, like a chicken leg (with a lil meat on it to make it extra special and fun) would be much better. A can of oysters is usually also appreciated by rats. They smell and look nasty, but you can find them for about $1 a tin, and the ratties usually happily devour them.

  • Yes, they can eat sunflower seeds, or so I've heard. Don't give them some every day!

    Once a week is fine!

  • you can feed them a few a day it also keeps weight on the rat.

  • yes any kind of seed as long as it is not salted

  • Yes they love them, but in small amounts, because they are high in fat.

  • IT's fine =)

    Just make sure that theyare not salted..

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