can some one explain this song part?

Life goes on as it never ends

Eyes of stone observe the trends

They never say forever gaze upon me

it’s the backstreet boys show me the meaning of being lonely song part.can some one tell me this part in simple english??i’m not native english speaker.

thank you!

4 Answers

  • Life goes on it never ends, meaning even if you die life still goes on.

    Eyes of stone observe the trends, meaning that somebody is watching you and every move.

    They never say forever gaze upon me. They referring to the “eyes of stone” and they never say that they should forever gaze upon you. So it’s their choice to watch over you.

  • Eyes Of Stone Meaning

  • It means that the life goes on and eyes of stone (immortal eyes as stones don t die) observes the changing time and don t utter a word, just keeps a watch over eyerything

  • it means that the incessant motion of time is restless but its motion does not bother the lover to whom the singer is addressing probably the love of his life.

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