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The supersonic aircraft Concorde has a length of 62.4 m when sitting on the ground on a typical day when the temperature is 15.0 ∘C . The Concorde is primarily made of aluminum. In flight at twice the speed of sound, friction with the air warms the Concorde’s skin and causes the aircraft to lengthen by 29.0 cm . (The passenger cabin is on rollers, so the airplane expands around the passenger cabin.)

Take the coefficient of linear expansion for aluminum to be α = 2.40×10−5 /∘C .

Part A

What is the temperature T of the Concorde’s skin in flight?

1 Answer

  • t = temperature rise

    Original length = 6240 cm

    29 = 6240*2.40t/10^5

    t = 2910^5/[2.46240]

    = 193.6 C

    T = 15+193.6

    = 208.6 C

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