can someone explain this joke please:?

i got told this joke today and i don't understand it, most of the people who were told it get it but i don't help please. so heres the joke:

How does a woman hold her liquor? By the Ears

5 Answers

  • How do women hold their "Licker?" Get it? She's getting eaten out by a guy. Tee hee

  • I could be wrong, but I think it's supposed to mean that how women treat men is that they are pushy, and that she may pull her man by his ear. So how a women holds her liquor (how she keeps it in) is really how she holds her man.

    *Btw, this is not my own personal belief whatsoever, that's just what I think the joke means. I could be wrong tough.

  • I'm not 100% sure but I'm guessing its meaning that women handle their liquor by the ears-or in other words u get women drunk and talk nice they'll buy anything you say??? Not sure just a guess?!

  • White Chocolate gave the answer.

  • Yes indeed...

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