Can someone explain to me the movie Mr Nobody?

Everything is so complicated.I didn’t get anything.even whats the movie about? what happened? its a really interesting movie but really hard to understand

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  • Well depends what you want explained…the best way is to start the movie at the end.The old Nemo was living in 2092 when Anna in space predicted the big crunch would occur that is why after he died at the end he is shown waking up and walking backwards as everything would revert back to the beginning.Meanwhile even though the old Nemo narrates the story of his life to the interviewer,only one of his lives was real because the movie is based on the premise that choice affects outcome.The old Nemo felt the most crucial moment in his life was when his parents seperated so beyond the choice of which parent he chose to remain with are possible alternative paths his life would take.The reason why the buildings fragmented at the end is because in hindsight it looked as if he was telling a story that had not happened but only as a possible consequence of the choice of the child Nemo, as long as Nemo chose one thing the alternative life would become unreal and in fact annihilated.

    That movie for example shows the different lives Nemo could have lived depending on which girl he chose to love.He really loved Anna throughout the movie and the movie shows how his or her life would have been if he had met someone else.In fact he and Anna were mutually in love while his marriage to Elise was problematic throughout because he loved Elise while Elise loved Stephano so it was an empty marriage with Elise , meanwhile his life with Jin was similarly flawed, but the role was reversed Jin loved him while he married her without really loving her(just to get back at Elise’s rejection in his teen years).In fact i think in his life with Jin he was wealthy and had everything but was in fact a hitman for hire that is why he died by being killed in a hotel room under a false identity and was only identified as Nemo by Jin in the morgue.

    Another way to look at the movie is to see it as a near death experience of 15 year old Nemo after a horrible motorcycle accident.Remember the movie kept going to a scene of him in the hospital heavily injured and comatose.Plus there are about 3/4 scenes depicting an accident one is the obvious one where he falls off his motorcycle at high speed another is when he walks in the middle of the road and sees the headlights of a car about to hit him head on and they become two motorcycle lights on either side of him.In another scene he drives into a lake on his way from work when a bird hits his windshield and lastly when there is an explosion during a traffic jam that kills Elise but Nemo survives.So my view is that the only true accident was the one on the motorcycle as that was the point in life where after his thoughts could have wondered to what would have happened if he had not had the accident and had a relationship with Elise or Jin or even Anna, he also though in the other ways he could have ended up dying.All those other accidents were alternative ways in which he could have died in his other lives ,rather in an untimely fashion involving a motor accident.

    The movie generally shows many concepts of the butterfly effect which it shows directly because the theory is that a butterfly flapping wings in say new Zealand can cause a hurrican a month later in America.So for example the brazilian boiling an egg caused it to rain in nemo’s home town and blotted out the phone number of Anna that she gave him.It’s a movie about life , love, choice , consequence, tentative outcomes , possibilities, what might have been. It just shows the viewer how our lives turn out the way they do and what unique circumstances are common to our own life as well as other peoples lives .For example in the movie nemo feared water and couldn’t swim yet he almost drowned in the school pool as a kid, drowned in a car in a lake, got shot dead while in his bathtub which all shows a common thread that while some things in an alternative universe or life would change drastically, others may just change slightly but keep some common unique characteristics one could only describe as part of fate

    Anyway that is about it but in no way summarises what a wonderfully complex movie Mr. Nobody is


    Lol, Jared Leto really stars in some twisted movies doesn’t he? Still a fine actor nonetheless.. as for Mr.Nobody, its really perplexing like Jared Leto is 12 different versions of one character and as if that’s not enough to wrap your mind around, he’s being watched by people (who can’t die) like “reality tv” because he’s the only living mortal. Now there’s two ways I can simplify this movie: I can call it confusing, there are flashbacks and forwards, multiple dimensions, time fractures and parallel existences. Mr. Nobody embraces a jumble of conflicting memories, possibilities and fabrications. There’s no point to it. It’s stupid. Or…I could put it simply and say its about a man’s life is coming to an end. Facing death, he looks back with interest, intrigue and often regret, imagining his Nobody tale of possibilities. It’s pretty much a movie that hints at how life remains an unsolved mystery, right to the bitter end, whenever and however that end may come. 🙂

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  • Mr. Nobody is about cause and effect. It has a child, a master of this ’cause and effect’ scheme. The child is faced with a choice that he cannot possibly make carelessly. His parents have decided to separate and he now has to choose whether he will live along with his father or his mother. Thus the child does the only thing it can do. He gives it thought. While playing out the two lives and all the possibilities within them, he eventually encounters his death in some of the scenarios. These deaths he labels as dead ends and moves to any one of the other different outcomes of his life. All the possible outcomes are playing simultaneously in his head. Throughout the movie the child skips to one possible outcome of his life; an outcome where he has lived out his life well into his old age. Thus, in the movie, we see the life of old man from time to time. The old man seems to understand it all; he understands that the life he lives is just in his head as a child; faced with a very important choice. The only part I want to think more about is the whole part about the expansion of the universe stopping at a future point in time. I think this future point represents the eventual death of the child but under natural circumstances. That is when the child will be done playing out all the possibilities that his future holds. And thus the choices he could have made are all played out. He now has a complete picture of what will happen after he makes the choice of staying with his dad or if he leaves with his mother. But the old man, living in the mind of the child understands that now that the choices have been played out, none of them are good enough!

    Thus the child is going to be unable to choose. His only viable choice is to somehow not make one. His only viable move is not to move. The movie ends with the child not making any of the choices that he had been thinking about. The old man laughs as his world disintegrates. Thus all the possibilities that had been imagined now don’t exist. The child has a different future. The old, dying man ceases to exist.

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  • All well and good but the problem with the end of this movie is that the choice the 9yr old boy makes (i.e. Anna) didn’t exist for him at that point. If you recall he and Anna only fall in love in the first place because he goes to stay with his mum. So the ending does not make any sense at all. While the 9y/o had met Anna (one of the three young girls who greet him as he walks past) and indeed he seemed to admire her at that young age (the scene at the pool). She only really notices him during the class-room scene, where their eyes meet. Even if you think they fell in love during the pool-scene (an idea reinforced by the late entry of the sitting-on-the-pier-throwing-stones scene) , it’s a stretch at best for them to recognise each other 25 years later as grown adults having both waited for each other. As if.

    I think this movie bit off more than it could chew. It’s a pity really because the movie does deal with some interesting topics but my feeling is that it fails in that, instead of leaving the viewer with a few clear and interesting questions about their own life, it leaves the viewer with a muddled sense of wtf was that all about, which is not neither useful nor interesting… and is probably why it was a box-office flop.

    I think what it was trying to portray are the following ideas:

    1. The endless possible paths that exist in a life yet we only walk one.

    2. The infinite mystery of life and death and the possibility that at the point of death there exists a moment in which all things become possible and life’s infinite paths may be revisited and revised… perhaps that’s where the feeling of deja vu really comes from.

    3. The nature of time as being non-linear from a spiritual perspective.

    At least this movie is though-provoking and it hints at something more than what our usual walled-media-garden is willing to try. I give it an A for effort.

  • A very late addition, but here none the less. These were my take-aways:

    I believe this movie is a piece of art above all else, and everybody will take their own meanings from it.

    I believe that it is intended to show that we make so many decisions in our lives without knowing the outcomes. As people we often reflect on the “What if’s” of life, and it captures that quite well. However, the movie also states clearly that there are no wrong choices. It highlights that any choice that feels right in the beginning may lead to hardship in the end; it is just one of the possibilities of life.

    In the end of the movie, it brings us back to the moment where he must choose which parent he must go with, I believe this is critical. Interestingly enough, after stating that this is the choice before him, it only comes back to one of his time-lines. The one where he waits on the bench and finds Anna; implying that with all of the choices before him that is the one he chose.

    I think this is important, as it shows that when he made his choice the one he chose was the one that led to the most satisfying of love’s. This implies that with the pursuit of fame, wealth, stability, control (Some of the achievements in the various lives) the pursuit of love was the strongest pull and something that he chased in each of his life-lines. This is also reflected in the scene where he lights the car on the fire to say that ‘stuff is not as important as his relationship with his wife’.

    There is a lot more to take from this movie, but I think that the points to reflect on are: The boy who sets off in life without knowing the path before him, the point of the old man looking back on the all the possibilities that could have been, and that we pursue love above all else. A few statements on human nature.

  • This movie was heavy on science and I think a lot of these alternate realities were in fact parallel universes. That would explain the one where he doesn’t exist at all at least. Very insightful and well thought out movie that does exactly what it intended to do: get the audience to think. I love how many different views there are on this and I think at least some of what everyone is saying is true.

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    Can someone explain to me the movie Mr Nobody?

    Everything is so complicated.I didn’t get anything.even whats the movie about? what happened? its a really interesting movie but really hard to understand

  • I found a review of the film from IMDB there were many thank you for mentioning this as I will rent it later on next week as I found the reviews and comments good.

    Nemo Nobody leads an ordinary existence at his wife’s side, Elise, and their 3 children until the day when reality skids and he wakes up as an old man in the year 2092. At 120, Mr. Nobody is both the oldest man in the world and the last mortal of a new mankind where nobody dies anymore. But that doesn’t seem to interest or bother him very much. The only questions that preoccupy him in the present is whether he lived the right life for himself, loved the woman whom he was supposed to love, and had the children whom he was meant to have… now his purpose is to find the right answer.

  • This movie highlites the choices we are forced to make and their consequences; the ripples through time that they produce. The movie is supposed to be inconclusive because we simply can’t know what our choices will result in. Whether we boil an egg causing a rainstorm in a different part of the world

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