Can someone help me i have a problem with my browser something requesting a username and password pops up?

Hey I have a problem with chrome and mozilla firefox browser, every time i browse google a pop up a box that says Authentication Required A username and password are being Requested by The site says: ” Password protected area ” User Name: Passeord: I have no idea what this is, and it’s weird, I reinstalled chrome and mozilla firefox and still the same, any advice? its driving me crazy crazy, 9-10 seconds appears again, do not even know why it occurs?

and it only started today

Update:: i did what Deka suggested and check the proxy for chrome and mozilla firefox browser thats not the issue as none of the suggestions worked. My lappy is virus free i use kaspersky and avast both paid versions.

someone please help i think all chrome and mozilla firefox users would be facing this as right now i am using Comodo Dragon browser and it does not have this issue

Yup its definately some bug in the Mozilla and Chrome browsers coz all other browsers work perfectly

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  • Clear all of your search history – espec. Cookies. This should do the trick. The issue may occur again later during the day, if so clear the search hist. again. We are stuck with this until the bug is resolved

  • First off, scan for viruses. Avast! Antivirus offers a free 30 day trial, I’d suggest starting there.

    If that shows to have no results, try this:

    I took a look at the site and it seems to be a proxy port. What may have happened is that some other software you installed automatically set your proxy settings to use this site. That’s pretty bad, but there’s a way to remove proxy settings.This article should show you all you’ll need to know in effort to remove this proxy setting:

    Seeing as you still have internet access, I think that might not be the problem. What might have happened is that someone has edited your router settings, or connected you to a botnet. In either scenario, use that antivirus I suggested.

  • FIXED – had same problem today using Firefox on Windows XP pro.. Went to task manager, Processes and found a program ‘sftvsa.exe’ running. After ‘End Task’ on that program all is well – NO MORE POP_UP

    Googled that program and here is an extract of one definition of it:

    “sftvsa.exe has 4 known versions, the most recent one is It is started as a Windows Service called ‘Application Virtualization Service Agent’ with the name ‘sftvsa’ and described as “Monitors global service events and launches virtual services.”. . In addition, it is run under the context of the SYSTEM account with extensive privileges (the administrator accounts have the same privileges). The average file size is about 211.98 KB. It is an authenticode code-signed executable issued to Microsoft Corporation by the certification authority Microsoft Corporation.”

  • Google Chrome Authentication Required

  • Authentication Required Popup

  • I have the same problem Today it starts [07/20/2013

    Need help too!


  • I just logged on this morning and had the same problem. Go to tools->add-ons and remove an add on called “Selection links”. that should do the trick. You probably had it installed by accident or default from a site you visited.

  • I have the same problem to… it started yesterday… what i did is i uninstall default tab exe and selection link in add/remove programs and then its gone… i search for it and found that these are virus…i hope these could help you….

  • OMG! i though i have virus on my pc, Im experiencing the same problem it annoys me every time i click the search.

  • What the guy above me said. Also, are you perhaps at school, a coffee shop, or connected to a different connection other than your own?

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