Can someone kindly tell me the meaning of this quote, “to know me is to love me”?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

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  • You can only love what you know. Once you know someone you have no choice, but to love (or hate) him/her. The time required to arrive at the state of knowing someone yields love; otherwise time invested goes in vein and the result would be hate/ animosity for towards the individual you have gotten to know. It is pretty confident, borderline 'c̫o̫ςκy', for one to say, but most likely that is because the individual knows his or her self. One can't assert a statement as such with investing time in getting to know ones self. The love that one has for his/ her self will make other people carry the same feelings for his/ her self, once the time is invested.

    Source(s): Experience is the best teacher; Practice is the maker of perfect; Repetition is the mother of learning;
  • "To know me is to love me" means that you will automatically like this person from the minute you meet him or her - it doesn't take a lot of time and effort to discover he or she is a good person. The person is basically patting himself or herself on the back but not really in an arrogant way.

  • Well this is an old post,but NO ONE said, MAC DAVIS?? "OH LORD, its hard to be humble,when you're perfect in every way,I can't wait to Look in the mirror,CUZ I get better looking each day.""TO KNOW ME IS TO LOVE ME.. I must be a hellofaman…I NEVER GET LONESOME , CUZ I TREASURE MY OWN COMPANY"!

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    Can someone kindly tell me the meaning of this quote, "to know me is to love me"?

    Thanks in advance for your responses!

  • I think that it means that the person saying it thinks that they are "the bees knees" and that as soon as you get to know them you are going to love them. Hopefully that makes sense!

  • I believe the answer means the phrase to know me is to love me mean you know the person With the good and bad and through it all you love them unconditionally because everyone has fault but you love them inspite of and love covers all their fault that you know

  • Thank you all for your replies and opinions!

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