Can someone please provide the malay terms for these vegetables ?

(a) coriander

(b) basil

(c) celery

(d) cilantro

(e) bitter gourd

thank you

12 Answers

  • (a) coriander/chinese parsley=ketumbar/also commonly called cilantro

    (b) basil=selasih

    (c) celery=saderi

    (e) bitter gourd=peria

  • Coriander In Malay

  • A) Coriander = Ketumbar

    B) Basil = Selasih

    C) Celery = Sayur Saderi

    D) Cilantro = Daun Ketumbar

    E) Bitter Gourd = Labu Air

    You’re welcome

  • – Ketumbit = Lump, Stye – Kudung = Amputated, Maimed – Busut = Ant-hill – Kurap = Ringworm – Berlunjur = Stretching out – Sumbing = Harelip


    ketumbit-stye( an infection of the eyelid ) kudung-handicapped busut-small mount kurap-ringworm berlunjur-outstretched ur legs sumbing-cleft lip/palate wart/corn is not ketumbit but KETUAT or KETUIT

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  • bitter gourd is peria

    the rest… i dont know!

  • a)daun ketumbar.


    c)sayur saderi.

    d)daun ketumbar.

    e)buah peria.

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