can someone save the pictures I sent them on grindr?

I was chatting on grindr earlier and sent someone some pictures. I cleared my chat and deleted my profile but I was wondering if the person I sent those pictures to could save my pics or if they get deleted when I deleted my account is there anyway those pictures can leave grindr?

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  • If you sent the pictures to them, they could copy the pics immediately, yes. You sent them the pics, presumably the files went to THEIR account, not yours.

    And if someone’s a hacker, they can get at almost anything. Never send or post anything that would embarrass you. Do you know that about half of all major companies now use internet background searches on social sites?

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  • They can save them.

    I think on the paid-for Grindr you can save the images directly to your photos. Plus, on any iPhone you can take a screen-shot of any image, which will save to your photos.

  • Most likley they cab leave grindr. I have never used it. But as long as your fase isn’t in it. You should be fine. And I doubt the person would sent them to anybody

  • I will report it to authorities right away. Thank you for letting us know.

  • pictures on a site can always be saved “print scr” on your computer and ctrl+v in paint!

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