Can the Daisy PowerLine 35 Kill Squirrels And Birds?

625fps 4.42 lbs. Muzzle energy on impact

Pointed Crossman Hunting Pellets

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  • It should have no problem. I wouldn’t do that unless you have acres of land though because within city limits, you could damage windows, cars, ect (like me)

  • I agree with CF45 that the Daisy 35 isn’t a good choice for hunting. Even with perfect shot placement and head-shots, squirrels require about 3 ft-lbs of impact energy.(1) When I ran the numbers on the Daisy 35, I found barely has enough power for squirrels out to maybe 20 yards.(2) And since the barrel is not rifled, the Daisy 35 may not be able to deliver the sub 1-inch groups you need in order to ensure the precise shot placement for a head-shot. Since a body shot requires twice the power of a head-shot, the Daisy 35 doesn’t have enough power for a body shot on a squirrel at any distance.

    As for shooting birds… Almost all birds are protected by the 1918 Migratory Birds treaty and cannot be hunted with an air-gun. There are a few species of birds (English sparrows, starlings) which aren’t protected by the 1918 Migratory Birds Treaty and which are sometimes considered nuisance birds in some states. However you’ll have to check with your state’s game management department to figure out if you can legally shoot those three species with an air-gun where you live. If you can, the Daisy 35 would again barely be adequate in terms of power.

    The only area where I disagree with CF45 is with his minimum recommended air-gun. Personally it was my my experience last fall that the Daisy 880 has plenty of power (around 7.6 ft-lbs of muzzle energy) to take squirrels provided you’re careful with your shot placement and keep the range relatively short (20 yards or so).(3) Since the Daisy 880 usually retails for around $50 at Walmart, it’s a much more affordable option than the Crosman 2100/Remington Airmaster 77. That said either the Daisy 880 or the Crosman 2100 would be an adequate option for squirrels at close range.

  • Sometimes the answer you get is the one you should hear, not the one you want to hear.

    That 4.42ft-lbs is the “claimed” muzzle energy, NOT impact energy.

    Impact energy:

    Pellets begin to lose energy/velocity after they leave the barrel.

    The Daisy Powerline 35 is a smooth bore, it does not deliver “hunting” accuracy.

    Hunting with an air rifle requires precise shot placement and enough energy at impact to make a quick, clean, humane kill. The Daisy 35 does neither.

    The least powerful/accurate air rifle I recommend for small game and pest birds

    is the Crosman 2100(9.2ft-lbs)

    Hunting – air rifle…

  • Daisy 35

  • yes as long as you hit them. Treat it the same as you would a 22 it can also kill a person

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